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Here is the passion of the sport!

Here are just some of the training and technique articles (typically in PDF format) that I've found that might be helpful for those searching for training information, technique, coaching, research, etc.  

For more - take a look at
Elitetrack.com or Canadian Athletics
- both are great resources for coaches & athletes.


- Effective training can be hard, but not all hard training is effective.
- Sometimes "less" is "more" (see above)...
Question Authority - know why your doing something
- Set "measurable" (objective) goals!  
- Be performance oriented (new PR) vs. results oriented (1st place) - you can't control what others might do.

- KISS Principal - too often we seek a complex solution to a simple problem!   

Note: I don't necessarily endorse all of these articles - but am sharing what I've found during my research!  So read and learn - and keep what makes sense to you.

Sorted by Topic & Author...

Title Author Description
Should We Revise Our Ideas On Youth Training Andersen, Froberg & Lammert .
Practical Training In The 1st And 2nd Decades Of Development Arbeit .
Speed Coach Of The Year Athletes Acceleration .
Long Term Athletic Development Athletics Canada .
Selection Of Young Athletes Aule & Loko .
Creating The Environment For Excellence Balague .
Ideas For Supplementary Competitions Becker .
Learning & Performance Effects Of Practice Berg & Lundin .
Peaking For Competitions Bompa .
The Development Of Form Bondarchuk .
The Role And Sequence Of Using Different Training Load-Intensities Bondarchuk .
An Athletes View Of Limits & Possibilities Bubka .
Faster Higher Stronger Calder .
21st Century Strategy For Attracting & Retaining Young Athletes Dick .
Preparation Is A Discipline Dick .
Theory & Practice Of Coaching - Children Sports Training Drabik .
Connecting The Dots Gambetta .
Movement Awareness Gambetta .
Work Capacity Gambetta .
Goals Halberg ITCCA 2009
Identifying And Developing Junior Eilite Athletes Holmes .
Some Aspects About Restoration Of Work Capacity Homenkova .
Coaches Eye Hunneshagen .
2008 IAAF Track & Field Rules IAAF .
Fix The Right Problem Kerin .
Principle Of Training Knox .
LA84 Foundation Coaching Manual LA84 A foundation for Success
LA84 Foundation Track & Field Coaching Manual LA84 Good Read - fairly complete at 456 Pages !
Viewing Perspectives In Coaching T&F Lane .
Coaching Female Athletes Lehmann .
Sensitive Periods In Physical Developement Loko, Sikkut & Aule .
Talent Selection Procedures Loko .
Special Demands Of Athletics On Women May .
Elements Of A Successful Prep Track Program McDonald, James & Kutschkau .
Mechanics Definitions unknown Devely
Metric Conversion NFHS Devely
Tricks Of The Trade Sprints Hurdles Relays Moss .
Specificity Of Endurance Training Noakes .
What Is Correct Technique Guide Nytro .
Basic Concepts For Coaching Athletics Parker .
Building Success As A Young Coach Parks & Quick  .
Coaching & Teaching Strategies Parsons & Dillion .
Learning Basic Skills. Parsons .
Teaching The Skills Parsons .
Why Drills? Parsons .
Competition Phase MicroCycles Pfaff .
Pokin Around Stereotypes Pokin .
Coaching in the 21stCentury Ritzdorf 2008 NACACTFCA Presentation
Predicting Performances Of Young Athletes Schroter .
The Physical Work Capacity Of Female Athletes Shakhlina .
Some Features Of TheAnatomy & Exercise Physiology Of Children Related To Training Sharp .
Evolutionary & Biological Aspects Of Womans Functional Capacity StangVoss .
Terminology & Differentiation Of Training Methods Steinhofer .
It Is Not Lactic Acid Fault Thibault & Peronnet .
The Importance Of The Basic Training For Performance Thumm .
Models For Teaching Techniques & Assessing Movements In Athletics Tidow .
Some Features Of Womens Training Torop .
Officiating Track & Field USATF 2004
Starter's Case Book USATF 2008
Main Features Of A Modern Scientific Sports Training Theory Verkhoshansky .
How To Understand Training Viru .
Looking For Training Guidance Viru .
Track & Field Coaching Techniques Wells .
On The Fast Track White & Brooks .
Pigeon Toed Young .

Hurdles - General & The Basics
Title Author Description
Hurdle Reference unknown Hurdle Spacing & Height Reference for Girl's 55/100/300m & Boy's 55/110/300m
Hurdle Distance unknown Another Reference that includes 55/60/100/300/400m for Women & 55/60/110/300/400m for Men
12 Steps To Hurdling unknown As the name implies - 12 simple steps to remember when hurdling
David Oliver - When All Else Failed unknown Think David Oliver has spent any time in the weight room?
Beginning Hurdle Training Almond (Mission Viejo High School) - includes drills
Placement Of Hurdles For The Young Begletsov .
Introduction for Coaches Blanks Includes drills & FAQ for coaches
Hurdle & Jumps Workout Part I Brent 2008 ITCCA Presentation
Hurdle & Jumps Workout Part II Brent 2008 ITCCA Presentation
Hurdles - High Speed Acrobatics Brent 2008 ITCCA Presentation
Clearance Technique Differences In The High & 400m Hurdles Brown .
Teaching Girls To Hurdle Chtshennikov .
Coaching & Teaching Hurdles  Clark M-F Athletics - drills and practice suggestions
Kinematic & Dynamic Analysis Of Hurdle Clearance Technique Coh,  Jost & Skof .
Three Dimensional Kinematic Analysis Of The Hurdle Technique Coh & Dolonec .
Kinematical Model Of Hurdle Clearance Technique  Coh, Zvan & Jost .
Biomechanical Analysis of Colin Jackson's Hurdle TechniqueBiomechanical Analysis of Colin Jackson's Hurdle Technique Coh .
Coaching Hurdles  Cowburn Progressive guide to coaching hurdles  (6.5MB) 
2008 US Olympic Trials Hurdle Touchdown Times  USATF From Eugene - Men & Women - 100/110/400H
Hurdle Touchdown Chart Winkler Hurdle touchdown chart (Excel Spreadsheet) for 100, 110 and 400m  hurdles

Hurdles - 100/110H (55H & 60H) Specific
Title Author Description
Malcolm Arnold On Colin Jackson Alford .
3D Kinematic Analysis of the Hurdles Technique - Brigita Bukovec Milan Coh .
Biomechanical Analysis of Colin Jackson's Hurdle Technique  Milan Coh .
Colin Jackson's Hurdle ClearanceTechnique Milan Coh .
100m Hurdles Guide Stephen Francis .
Kinematic Alterations In Womens 100M Hurdle Technique Over 84cm Vs 91cm Hurdles Francis, Finch & Ariel .
Technique & Training For the 110m Hurdles FSU .
100m Hurdle PhotoSequence - Donkova (World Record Holder)  Hommel .
100m Hurdle PhotoSequence - Gale Devers  Hommel .
110m Hurdle PhotoSequence - Roger Kingdom Hommel .
110m Hurdle PhotoSequence unknown .
The Most Effective Technical Training For 110m Hurdles Iskra .
100H & 110H Progressions Lehmann & Lammers Waukesha South HS (www.hurdlecamp.com)
Kinematic Analysis On The Transition Technique Between Run & Hurdle Clearance 110H Li & Fu .
110m Hurdle Theory & Technique Lindeman .
100m & 110m Hurdle Workouts McGill (see Other Hurdle Sites page for Hurdlesfirst.com)
Application of Biomechanic Models Control Improvement Targets 110H Papadopoulo .
Assessement of Kinematic Variables Motion Analysis of Female Hurdlers Salo, Grimshaw & Viitasalo .
Technical Changes In Hurdle Clearances At The Beginning Of The 110m Hurdles  Salo .
Short Sprinter, Hurdlers & Jumpers - Sample Summer Workouts St. Thomas .
Speed & Coordination Problems In The 110m Hurdles Svoboda .
Model Technique Analysis 100m Hurdles Tidow .
Model Technique Analysis 110m Hurdles Tidow .
100m &110m 2007 Hurdles Presentation Truvillion .
Practical Biomechanics For The 100m Hurdles Winkler .

Hurdles - 300/400H Specific
Title Author Description
300m & 400m 2007 Hurdle Clinic Blair .
300m & 400m Hurdle Workouts Bostwick .
Components of the 400m Hurdles Boyd .
The Preparation Of Women Fo rThe 400mHurdles Breizer & Korchemny .
Developing The Attack Into & Over 400m Hurdles Dakin .
Development Of Confidence For The Non-Dominant Lead Leg  Dakin .
National 400m Hurdle Event Project Dakin .
400m Hurdle PhotoSequence - Chris Rawlinson Dakin .
Analysis Of The Race Distribution For Male 400m Hurdlers Ditroilo & Marini .
400m Hurdle PhotoSequence - Andre Phillips & Edwin Moses Helmar Hommel .
300-to-400m-Hurdles Huntley Use 300m Hurdle marks to run the 400m Hurdles
300m Hurdle Tips  Hurdlers Guide .
The Development Of The Womens 400m Hurdles Hymans .
300m_Hurdles Jordan Head Coach of Boys Track and Field at Clear Creek HS
300m Hurdle Touch Down Times Jan Lips Hurdle Touchdown Chart for US 300m Hurdles
Identifying and Training 300m Hurdle Athletes Eric Lehmann Waukesha South HS (www.hurdlecamp.com)
Identifying and Training 300m Hurdle Athletes - IL Notes Eric Lehmann Notes from Illinois Clinic 2007
300m Hurdle Theory Lindeman .
400m Hurdle Theory Lindeman .
Endurance In The 400m Hurdles Lskra .
100m & 110m Hurdle Workouts McGill (see Other Hurdle Sites page for Hurdlesfirst.com)
The Top 6 Most Effective Workouts for the 300m & 400m Hurdles  McGill (see Other Hurdle Sites page for Hurdlesfirst.com)
The Merits Of Speed vs Endurance Training For 400m Hurdles Robertson .
2007 Elite Hurdle Summit 400m Hurdles Sheffield .
Technique & Rhythm Development For Womens 400m Hurdlers  Stasney .
Long Sprinter & Hurdler General Prep Sample  St. Thomas .
300m & 400m Hurdles Presentation 2007  Truvillion .
The Long Sticks Veney .
Strength Development In The 400m Hurdles Vrublevsky .
Long Hurdles Wiens .
Developing Proper Kinesthetic Force Application In 400m Hurdling Gary Winkler .

High Jump - General
Title Author Description
5-Alive For The Vertical Jumps Jim McGloin An explanation of the 5-Alive system
High Jump Rules  USATF High Jump Rules
Vertical Jump Officiating  USATF USATF Veritical Jump (HJ & PV) Officiating

High Jump - Training & Theory
Title Author Description
"C" Approach Drill  unknown "C" Approach Drill to learn inward lean - PhotoSequence
"C" Approach Jump Drill  unknown "C" Approach Drill w/Jump to learn inward lean - PhotoSequence
The High Jump Forsyth HJ training tips
High Jump Phases McEwen High Jump Phases - w/graphics
HJ Advanced Overview  Mier (Waukesha South HS) - High Jump Advanced Overview
HJ Technique & Technical Training Ritzdorf HJ presentation (Aruba)
The Practice Of Strength Training - Women Ritzdorf The Practice Of Strength Training In Women's High Jump
High Jump - The Flop Somerlot 2000 Olympic Coach
SPSA High Jump unknown Sports Southland (NZ)
High Jump Manifesto  unknown jumpcoach.blogspot.com
Specific Strength Development in the HJ Bourne .
High Jump Strength Training Program  unknown Weight Training Program - General Preperation Period
Strength Control & Development HJ  Locatelli Strength Control & Development In Young High Jumpers (16-19)
HJ Preseason Conditoning Turner Weight Training, Medballs, Training Suggestions
Plyometrics & The High Jump Reid Plyometrics and the High Jump
Squeeze The J Brewer Squeeze the "J" from the Beginning high Jumpers
Periodized Training For Jumpers  IAAF A critical view of the classical periodization concept for Jumpers
Biomechanical Analysis Of The HJ Isolehto, Virmavirta, Kyrolainen & Komi Biomechanical Analysis Of The High Jump
An Argument For Fundamentals Kiefer (Fullerton College) An Argument For Fundamentals In The Flop High Jump
Methodical Development Of HJ Technique  Tsherepanov .

High Jump Research & Studies
Title Author Description
The High Jump Reid Compares "Speed Floppers" to "Power Floppers"
Longitudinal Follow Up Of Kinematic Parameters Antekolovic, Blazevic, Mejovsek & Coh Case Study of  Blanka Vlasic -  Croatian record holder
Bi-Lateral Deficit in Jumping  Bobbert, de Graaf,  Jonk & Casius Explanation of the bilateral deficit in human vertical squat jumping
Biomechanical Studies In The HJ Dapena Biomechanical Studies In The High Jump And The Implications To Coaching
Closer Look At The Shape Of The HJ Run Up Depena A Closer Look At The Shape Of The High Jump Run-up
High Jump Biomechanics Depena Includes graphics
High Jump Twist Depena Effect Of The Direction Of The Somersault Rotation On The Amount of Twist Rotation In High Jumping
Rotation Over The Bar Depena Rotation Over The Bar In The Fosbury-Flop High Jump
Analysis Of The Crossbar In Failed Attempts Hackett (Syracuse University) - Analysis Of The High Jump Crossbar In Failed Attempts
Psychological States Ling Psychological States And Self Adjustment Of Elite High Jumpers
USTFCCCA_Symposium_HJ_I   Rovelto High Jump Approach Development - Part I 
USTFCCCA_Symposium_HJ_II Rovelto (KSU) -  Technical Seminar - HJ Part II
Special Condsiderations For The HJ Approach Schexnayder Importance of the Jump approach
Model Technique Analysis HJ  Tidow Model technique analysis sheets - The Flop High Jump
PhotoSequence Camilla Dencer unknown .
PhotoSequence Charles Clinger unknown .
PhotoSequence Gwen Wentland unknown .
PhotoSequence Heike Henkel unknown Pictures and analysis!
PhotoSequence Jasmine Day unknown .
Photosequence Henkel & Babakova Hommel Analysis of  Heike Henkel & Inga Babakova
Photosequence SilviaCosta  Hommel Analysis of Silvia Costa

Planning & Periodization
Title Author Description
Planning & Organizing Track Progams & Workouts Andrews .
General And Event Specific Considerations Peaking Bartonietz & Larsen
Sprinters Speed & Power Day Sample WorkoutBeith.
Workouts For SprintersBenson.
Distance WorkoutBettendorf.
Sprinter WorkoutsBettendorf.
Peaking For CompetitionsBompa.
Training Theories FiguresCCD.
A Model For SprintersCissik, Barnes & Hedrick.
Playing With ScienceCissik, Barnes & Hedrick.
Champions Are Made In The Off SeasonCity High SchoolIowa - Sprinters
Summer Training For SpeedComplete Speed.
The Use Of Lactate Threshold In TrainingField.
A Reply To Verhoshansky On PeriodizationFreemanFreeman's reply to Verkhoshansky (see below)
Evaluating A Training Plan Part 1Gambetta.
Evaluating A Training Plan Part 2Gambetta.
Evaluating A Training Plan Part 4Gambetta.
Practical Applications Of Training TheoryGambetta.
Pre-Season ConditioningHackett.
Periodization Roundtable 1Haff.
Periodization Roundtable 2Haff.
TaperingIAAFApril 2002
Biomotor AbilitiesIAAF.
The A and Z Of SprintingJushkevitch.
Periodizing A College Sprint ProgramKirksey.
The Puzzle A Teaching Aid For Training Session & Microcycle PlanningLange.
Chapter 22_PeriodizationLee-Brown.
Short Term Prep For Major CompetitionsLehnert.
M Cycles ExamplesMackenzieMesocycle, Macrocyle & Microcycle Examples - Spreadsheet
TrainingMagnessSteve Magness (http://magstraining.tripod.com) 66 pages
About The Construction Of TrainingMatveyev.
Modern Procedures For The Construction Of MacrocyclesMatveyev.
The Dynamics Of The Training LoadMatveyev.
A General Workout For SprintersPayan.
Periodization_Periodized Trainingunknown.
Developing Biomotor Qualities to Enhance Short SprintsPfaff.
Planning The Trainingunknown.
Periodization StrategiesPlisk & Stone.
Principles Of Trainingunknown..
Organizing & Planning TrainingSchexnayder
Planning Technical Training For T&F AthetesSchexnayder.
Fatigue Recovery & SupercompensationShea.
Science of Periodization Part IShea.
Spring BreakWorkouts 2009 Sampleunknown.
A Cyclic Blocks System For Jumping EventsTaranov.
A Graphical Model For Interval TrainingThibault.
Total Sprint Training Programunknown.
Track Workout Samplesunknown.
Sprint & Endurance Training Methods & EffectsUSE.
Organization Of The Training ProcessVerkhoshansky.
Principals Of Organization Of TrainingVerkhoshansky.
The End Of PeriodizationVerkhoshansky.
Basic Principles Applicable To MacrocyclesViru.
Planning Of MicrocyclesViru.
Some Facts About MicrocyclesViru.
Pre Season Track Workout IdeasWest Suburban.
On The Fast TrackWhite & Brooks.
General Training GuidelinesYoungMike Young (http://www.elitetrack.com)
The Best Way To Develop Specific EnduranceYoungMike Young (http://www.elitetrack.com)
The Best Way To Develop Top End SpeedYoungMike Young (http://www.elitetrack.com)
What Is Nervous System FatigueYoungMike Young (http://www.elitetrack.com)
What Is The Difference Between Extensive TempoYoungMike Young (http://www.elitetrack.com)
What Is The Difference Between Speed EnduranceYoungMike Young (http://www.elitetrack.com)

Title Author Description
Faster top running speeds are achieved with greater ground forces not more rapid leg movements! Peter G Weyeland, Deborah B. Sternlight, Matthew J. Bellizzi, & Seth Wright This study on the relationships between ground force application, rapid leg movement and other factors in maximum velocity running may change your thinking on what makes someone fast!

Strength/Power Training & Conditioning
Title Author Description
Faster top running speeds are achieved with greater ground forces not more rapid leg movements! Weyeland, Sternlight,  Bellizzi &  Wright This study on the relationships between ground force application, rapid leg movement and other factors in maximum velocity running may change your thinking on what makes someone fast!
Toward and understanding of Power O'Shea This document helps clear up the misconceptions of "Strength" vs. "Power".  If you're lifting weights to improve your T&F performance, or coach someone who is, this is a must read!
Muscle Fiber Types & Training Karp insightful look at the various muscle types, their qualities and the implications for training. Again, if you're weight training - you need to read this!
Strength & Conditioning Videos Dordt College Demonstration of the respective strength & conditioning exercises
National Strength & Conditioning Videos NSCA Exercise/weight lifting videos (Dartfish)

Title Author Description
Strengthening and Stretching SportsMed Web Rice University

Training Plans/Ideas
Title Author Description
Falcon Sprint Training_2008College Park HSA very nicely documented season training plan for high school sprinters & hurdlers - check it out!
Falcon Sprint Training_2009College Park HSA very nicely documented season training plan for high school sprinters & hurdlers - check it out!
Planning Fall Conditioning Program for Long Sprinters & Hurdlers Korrel & Brown This document gives a detailed off season/fall training plans for High School age sprinters & hurdlers.  Good Stuff!
2010 Masters Overall PlanTutskeyExample "Master" periodization plan
2010 Masters Overall Plan 2TutskeyExample "Master" periodization plan
Planning Training for Sprints & Hurdles Warden This document provides a six phase periodized program for sprinters from 100-400m and 100/110H and 300/400H.