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Pat "QB1" McMahon

DOB - 00/00/0000
HT - 6'

Athletic Highlights

2015 - 110H - #5 on RCS ATL
           300H - #8 on RCS ATL 

Event Bests
Event Time Event Record
608.362015 U of Chicago #3PR
60H 9.92
2015 Nelson Daniels Classic @UW-Whitewater PR
110H16.972A Sectional @SterlingPR
200 28.06 2015 U of Chicago #3 PR
300H44.332A Sectional @SterlingPR

* All Times FAT - except where noted
SR=School Record
PR=Personal Record

2015 Results (Junior)

Event Time Date Place Meet Video Note
110H 16.97 05/22/15 14th 2A Sectional @Sterling Video PR!
110H 17.83 05/14/15 5th Big Northern Conference @Burlington Central Video Ties PR!
110H18.0405/14/15PrelimBig Northern Conference @Burlington CentralVideorain
110H18.0305/08/155thMike MowenVideorain
110H18.0005/08/15PrelimMike MowenVideonotes
110H17.8305/01/158thHawk ClassicVideoPR!
110H 18.36
04/17/15 6th Matt Wulf @Yorkville Video 1st 110H/PR!

Event Time Date Place Meet Video Note
300H44.3305/22/1517th2A Sectional @SterlingVideoPR!
300H45.5405/14/155thBig Northern Conference @Burlington CentralVideorain
300H 46.03 05/08/15 5th Mike Mowen Video rain
300H44.4405/01/158thHawk ClassicVideoPR!
300H45.6804/17/154th Matt Wulf @YorkvilleVideo1st 300H/PR!

Event Time Date Place Meet Video Note
55H9.9203/20/1521Nelson Daniels Classic @UW-WhitewaterVideo3 stepped in 1st race - PR!

Event Time Date Place Meet Video Note
200-00/00/15-meet nameVideo-
28.0603/13/1521/31U of Chicago #3VideoPR!
608.3603/13/1524/39U of Chicago #3VideoPR!

* All Times FAT - except where noted
SB=Season Best
SR=School Record
PR=Personal Record
MR=Meet Record